"why is my otp on this horrible show"
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I miss Moonday


I miss Moonday

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Something super mega indulgent because there can never be enough Stiles and SingleDad!Derek   (and also yoga. never enough yoga)

1) Be nice to his kids

“Hey, Mr. Hale.” Stiles smiles, waves at Derek and his cute daughter. “Hi, Mel.”

The little girl grins at him, sticks out her hand for him to shake. Stiles’ heart does a somersault inside his chest, and he feels the love spreading through his body.

“Hi, Stiles.” Mel says from where she’s standing beside her dad. “We’re here for the yoga class!”

Mr. Hale grins at his daughter. “She likes the yoga.”

“Yeah.” Stiles nods. “It’s going better than the dancing.” He laughs when Derek makes a scared face. Stiles can still remember the crying and the yelling, he can bet Derek remembers it just as well.

“Dancing was boring.” Mel says. “And Mrs. Kelly wanted me to dance with Tom.” She narrows her eyes in that same way her father does when he’s angry. “Tom is gross.”

“Keep thinking like that.” Derek kisses his daughter’s cheek. “Forever.”

Stiles laughs, flushes red when he realizes Derek is staring at him. “Uh – your class is about to begin.”

“Yeah, we better go then.” Derek looks down, holds Mel’s hand. “See you later, Stiles.”

Mel waves goodbye and follows her dad, but before they walk into the room she stops and runs back to him. “Bye, Stiles.” She’s holds his waist and when Stiles gets on his knee to hold her back, she kisses his cheek.

Stiles feels his eyes water and when he looks up Derek is staring at them with a fond look on his face.

“Bye, Mel.” He kisses the top of her head.

God, he’s so gone.

10) Be responsible

“No, no, no.” He curses, looking around worriedly. “Goddamnit.”

“You shouldn’t curse, Stiles.” A voice says from behind him, making Stiles stop and turn around quickly. “Dad says that if you curse, Santa won’t bring you presents.”

“Sorry.” Stiles says, smiles when Mel runs to him. “I’m angry, but your dad is right. Cursing is bad.”

He arches an eyebrow when he doesn’t see Derek following his daughter with that same amazed look and the tight jeans that make Stiles want to fall to his knees and thank god for that view. “You came here alone?”

Mel nods. “I saw you and I wanted to say hi.”

“That’s nice –” Stiles says, holding her hand and leading her inside the store once again. His car keys will have to wait. “but you shouldn’t run from your dad. He must be worried.”

Her little eyes get huge and she flushes red. “Sorry.” She whispers, almost starts crying when her dad finds them five minutes later and holds her tight against his chest. “Sorry, daddy.”

“Don’t run from me again.” He warns but the relief on his face gives away the worry. “Stiles! Thank you!”

“It’s fine.” He says, runs a hand through his hair and tries to resist the urge to throw himself at Derek. “It’s my fault she ran from you anyway.”

“Still.” He touches Stiles’ shoulder, squeezes. “Let me buy you a drink to say thank you.”

Stiles smiles. “Thanks but I still need to find my car keys.” He blushes when Derek looks at him, confused. “I lost them in the parking lot.”

“Well then – Mel, what do you say we help Stiles?”

Mel holds her dad’s hand, then reaches out for Stiles’ and pulls them towards the parking lot. “Come on!”

Stiles pretends he’s not blushing the entire way.

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teen wolf au: girls’ night in
in which the girls decide they’ve had enough of all the drama of Beacon Hills and settle down to a well deserved evening of pizza, wine and scary movies galore.
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Jared’s new Twitter photo


Jared’s new Twitter photo

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"After wrapping Guardians of the Galaxy I was very homesick and I was coming home to my wife and my son, who at the time was 13 months old. My wife told me ‘Hey, listen there’s a chance he may not recognize you and he may be a little shy’ and so I came in there, and he just sat right up and had this big smile on his face. He started saying ‘Daddy, daddy, daddy!’ and I just started to cry. He saw the tears in my eyes and started doing bits to make me laugh and that just made me cry more."

- Chris Pratt on the best day of his life.




Draco and Teddy ^-^


he’s drinking from a princess cup yes he finally admitted he’s a princess




Draco and Teddy ^-^


he’s drinking from a princess cup yes he finally admitted he’s a princess

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happy birthday to me

happy birthday son

happy birthday best friend

happy birthday you sexy prat

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Daniel’s message to Tom and Tom’s response to it on Good Day LA

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my name backwards spells “disappointment and skin problems”

nice to meet you, Smelborp Niks Dna Tnemtnioppasid

You really shouldn’t put your full name on the internet, it’s not safe.

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And then you realize that Forrest knows about his condition all along and your heart breaks a little.

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Umm can we talk about Carrie Underwood’s dress right now?

this is some cinna from hunger games type shit

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